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Longarm Quilting


There are different requirements when having your top professionally longarm quilted.  Please follow these tips to get the best results.

1.  Please present your quilt top, backing fabric and wadding in separate pieces.

2. Trim all loose threads on the back of the quilt, particularly dark threads as these will show through light fabric.

3. Make sure all seams are well pressed towards the darker fabrics.

4. If your quilt top is not squared, it will be quilted as received, so you may wish to attach wider borders, so that you can square it on completion of quilting.

5. Please make sure that your borders are as flat as possible ( for advice look at our tips in the BORDERS section)

6. Please make sure that the backing and wadding is squared – 90 degree corners and parallel sides.  (We will have to charge extra if this isn’t done)

7. Backing and wadding must be approximately 8” wider and longer, in total, than your quilt, to enable us to attach it to our quilting frame.

8. If you have pieced the borders, stay stitch 1/8” from the edge around your quilt, to prevent seams opening.

9. If your backing is pieced, we cannot guarantee that it will be centered to the quilt top, due to a variety of issues i.e. the size of the backing fabric being larger than the quilt top – how square the quilt top is – and how the backing has been pieced. Best results will be from a wide width fabric or a well seamed fabric backing.  

10. If you need to join widths of fabric for your backing, sew the seam horizontally across the width of the fabric using a ½ “ seam and press open to reduce bulk. Remove all selvedges as they shrink at a different rate to the rest of the fabric.

11. Do not embellish your quilt with buttons or beads until your top has been quilted.

12. If you have planned one edge to be the top of your quilt please mark this by pinning a piece of paper to it.  This will ensure the directional quilting patterns are placed correctly.

13. Please be aware that quilting will pull in your quilt so that it will “shrink” slightly from your original dimensions.

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