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Longarm Quilting


To get the best results borders should be flat.

Pattern makers will tell you how long to make the borders, but this only applies if you have perfect ¼ “ seams.  Exess fabric makes it very difficult to make your quilt top square and lay flat. Even the best quilter will struggle if faced with pleats and tucks.

Follow our simple guide below to avoid wavy borders.

How To Attach Flat, Simple Borders:

A          B          C

1. Measure the top at A, B and C.

2. Cut two borders to the average of these measurements.

3. Divide the border and the quilt top into quarters and      pin together.

4. Stitch the seam, easing the fullness between the pins.      Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the opposite side.

5. Repeat from step 1 for top and bottom borders,      ensuring your 3 measurements include the newly      added side borders.

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